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latter. Sari Obana, who was the head of the Sari family at
that time, appealed to Velugoti Hangappa for help and
reqtiested him to restore to him his estate. Rangappa readily
promised help, and marched without delay with 2.000 soldiers
to Kodur, where he halted.
Kondrajn ai;d his brothers who got information of the arrival
of the invader through their spies sent immediately letters to
the chiefs of Katneni. Vankara.. Kuaaprili, Pedapotn. Alanesa,
Vemnla, Kalnvapalli, Maeupalli, Pottara, Pottare-Gr.riglfsja-
gunta, Dandakona, Calls, and Savaram families who were
favourably disposed to them, requesting them to go to their
assistance. In response to this request, they came with 5,000
troops and halted at Yarragunta, where they met Matla
Timmaraja. The Dasariraju brothers told their allies that
Velugoti Rangappa invaded their estate, having pledged his
word to Sari Obana to restore to him his lands. He passed
through the territory of the Matla chiefs and was encamped at
that time near Kodur with an army of 2,000 soldiers. They
suggested that they could easily effect his capture. Matla
Timma agreed to the proposal? and summoned to his assis-
tance chiefs, noblemen, commandants of forts, and relations
from Kaliinili, UdayadrirKadiri, Pottapinadu, Siddhavatam,
and SakilL Soon an army consisting of 97 elephants, 1,000
horses, 300 chiefs, 100 kings, some hundreds of matchlockmen,
and 500 archers gathered together, and it was further strength-
ened by 7,000 kaijitam forces of Matla Timmaraja.
The army left Yerragunta and moved towards Siddha-
vatam which they soon reached. Thence they marched to
Uelatur where they waited for some of their allies who were
still on the way. Then, with the object of gaming time, the
Dasariraju brothers sent Gutti Venkataraju to the camp of the
enemy to negotiate terms of peace ; but as neither party was
desirous of settling the matter amicably, fighting became
The next morning both, the armies stood against each
other ia ML battle array. The army of the Dis&riraju